November 2017 Amicus and Norgine sign distribution contract for MOVIPREP® in Macedonia and Serbia Amicus announces appointment of Istvan Langer as General Manager Hungary October 2017 Amicus signs co-promotion contracts with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia o Serbian version August 2017 Andreas Wicki Interview in Nedeljnik Aug 31, 2017 o Serbian version Amicus Expands Genexo Relationship to Cover Multilac July 2017 Amicus Signs Long-term MAXIGESIC ™ License for Most of Central Europe Amicus expands BMS relationship to Hungary April 2017 Press release - Amicus Expands Investor Base Press release - Cardinal Health November 2016 Press release - Grifols October 2016 Amicus A.G. announces Appointment of Ivan Pertot as Regional BD Manager September 2016 Amicus A.G. announces Appointment of Marcela Lassakova as Corporate Director for Compliance and Internal Controls July 2016 Press release - Genexo Press release - Salvat Press release - Laboratoires Expanscience April 2016 Amicus A.G. announces signature of a Distributorship Agreement to distribute GE HEALTHCARE AS products in Serbia and Montenegro February 2016 Amicus A.G. announces Appointment of Gabriela Zelenkova as Legal Advisor October 2015 Press relase - ALCON Amicus A.G. announces Appointment of Jean-Michel Lespinasse as CEO July 2015 Press release - BMS June 2015 Press release - APR March 2015 AMICUS website goes live Giuliani contract signed Ljubljana warehouse opened February 2015 Ferrer licensing agreement signed Amicus passes Pfizer compliance audit January 2015 Ljubljana office opened November 2014 Warehouse license issued in Serbia October 2014 Pfizer contract signed September 2014 Sinclair press release July 2014 AMICUS SRB d.o.o. is founded Company registrations filed throughout former Yugoslavia November 2013 Amicus SA Switzerland founded
A Swiss-based Pharmaceutical Company
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