Why Partners Choose Us

Since its establishment in 2014, Swixx has become one of the largest and fastest-growing commercial platform for multinational companies looking to operate indirectly in non-core markets in CEE and Eurasia, including Russia. We have been recognized as a trusted, highly ethical, and loyal partner. Swixx fully replicates our Partners’ business structures and allows our Partners to focus on their priorities, while taking over medical, commercial, regulatory, distribution and other related activities.

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Our Services

Swixx is a full-service provider that mirrors the local capabilities of biopharma companies (with the exception of R&D and manufacturing). Our team of experienced pharmaceutical professionals and experts in other relevant areas has a deep understanding of the needs of these companies, simplifying operations for our partners by offering a comprehensive set of services that support fast market penetration, patients access and revenue generation, in a compliant and ethical fashion.

The scope of services we provide for our partners is fully adapted to partner requirements and reflects individual companies’ specific needs. Hence, our partnerships vary in terms of geographical coverage and the type of representation model we provide. Each partnership is executed at highest standards in-line with agreed custom-made approach, ranging from full support in promotion of medicinal products to their distribution only.

  • Market Access & Pricing

    At Swixx, we bring added value to our partners by utilizing our demonstrated expertise in market access to establish and enhance patient access. We offer full service and support for national price filings as per the partner instruction and renewals, compilation of reimbursement dossiers, localization of pharmacoeconomic models, and national pricing and reimbursement negotiations. Our services are aligned with our partners’ strategies.

  • Commercial

    At Swixx, our headquarter commercial teams and in-country dedicated business units are committed to ensuring smooth and coordinated transfer of partners’ brand strategy across all markets. Our professionals have a strong track record of designing high-value medico-marketing activities, growing omnichannel customer professional engagement capabilities, and implementing established sales force effectiveness (SFE) processes. This enables us to effectively execute our partner’s aligned strategy, tailored to meet the unique regional and local needs of each market.

  • Medical

    Swixx is actively expanding into new therapeutic areas that are highly science-driven, including recently established fields. Our experienced medical professionals at headquarters, regional and country level possess a deep understanding of this dynamic environment. We maintain close professional cooperation with professional societies, health authorities, thought leaders and health care professionals to gather valuable insights during scientific exchange, supporting our partners’ medical strategies and addressing specific medical needs. Our medical teams work closely with patient advocacy and public affairs to enable successful interaction with patient advocacy groups and ensure a patient-centric approach in real-world practice. Additionally, Swixx’s medical trainers can provide continuous training and education on disease areas and product knowledge to broader teams, if agreed upon.

    With rich experience in managing unregistered products in markets where permissible, including Russia and Eurasian countries, Swixx’s medical staff leads programs to ensure patient access to innovative medicines within compassionate use or named patient access settings. Our medical team also performs activities that support timely diagnosis of several diseases.

  • Medical Information

    Swixx Medinfo service is committed to responding to healthcare professionals’ and patients’ enquiries with the highest level of medical accuracy in alignment with regulatory, legal, and ethical standards. We tailor our responses to meet our partners' specific requirements, ensuring that each enquiry is addressed in line with the most up-to-date available information in a precise and efficient manner.

  • Regulatory

    At Swixx, our regulatory experts are fully committed to ensuring that life-changing innovative therapies are available for patients and health care providers in our region. They possess a deep understanding of the intricate regulatory requirements and a strong sense of urgency to make these therapies accessible. Our processes of registration and maintenance are in compliance with regional and local legislation for all the products we handle. At Swixx we strive for regulatory excellence throughout the entire lifecycle of each product, and our rapid and efficient working practices ensure the satisfaction of our partners.

  • Pharmacovigilance

    Swixx provides local pharmacovigilance services across our countries under a unified governance model, consolidating country-level operations into a seamless, integrated corporate pharmacovigilance system. This allows us to offer our partners a single interface for oversight and compliance monitoring, ensuring consistent service and outputs globally.

    Given diverse local regulatory requirements, our pharmacovigilance teams help our partners as Marketing Authorization Holders of pharmaceutical products to secure local PV systems with a team of Local Persons for Pharmacovigilance (LPPVs) responsible for continuous local pharmacovigilance management across Europe (EU/Non-EU), Russia and Eurasian countries.

    Our pharmacovigilance processes are compliant with Marketing Authorization Holders’ pharmacovigilance system. Swixx’ PV team contributes to maintaining a Pharmacovigilance System Master File, provides a complete QPPV office or any part of it, and helps to fulfill all pharmacovigilance obligations across Swixx territories.

  • Quality

    Commitment to uncompromised quality is one of the pillars of Swixx’s business strategy.

    Quality and responsibility towards all those who use our products and services is a fundamental component of our corporate strategy. We thereby take account of the great significance of quality in product safety in the health care market. Overall, we align the quality policy and Quality Management System throughout the Group to meet criteria that at least fulfill the strict legal requirements for pharmaceutical and health care products.

    Comprehensive Quality Management System has been established to ensure compliance with all requirements of European Good distribution practice (EU GDP), European Good manufacturing practice (EU GMP), European Good pharmacovigilance practice (EU GVP), International standard on Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and local regulation Competent local and international institutions regularly conduct audits in Swixx BioPharma Company, reporting results that prove our business ambition to exceed quality efficacy.

    Swixx Biopharma AG, and the company affiliates in Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia possess relevant wholesale licenses issued by relevant local competent authority. Main distribution center in Ljubljana also possesses a GMP license for secondary packing activities.

    downloadQuality, Health and Safety and Enviromental Policy

  • Supply

    At Swixx we possess strong Supply Chain capabilities that enable us to effectively serve both current and future partners. Our logistic center is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from where we supply all our countries. This includes road transportation of ambient and cold chain (2° - 8°C) products. Our partners’ products (medicines including narcotics, medical devices as well as food supplements) are shipped from Ljubljana to local wholesalers or end-users. Swixx also runs local warehouses in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan Romania, Russia and Serbia. Additionally, in Ljubljana, we have expandable storage capacity and GMP-licensed secondary packaging facilities.

What do Partners Say About Us?

To meet the needs and provide one of the best-in-class services to our Partners, with the assistance of independent experts, we have initiated anonymous Swixx Partner Satisfaction research to obtain genuine and objective feedback about the quality of support and areas for improving the level of service that our company provides to its partners.

Click on the video below to see main research results.

“We are working with Swixx Biopharma in 11 Central Eastern Europe countries and appreciate the strong collaboration, alignment and focus on maximizing patient access and our mutual business opportunities in this important region.”

Thomas Dusink, Head of Partner Markets, SeaGen International

“Swixx is a company which delivers access to treatment and innovation where for a reason the innovative company cannot. They are very good in delivering results with this model because of their expertise, but also because they would like to improve all the time.”

Konstantin Ruichev, Head of PME Hub Specialty Care, Sanofi

“We find Swixx easy to work with, accessible, knowledgeable, willing to grow together and deliver good results.”

Andrew Hardwick, Global Head of Alliances and Partnerships, Sanofi

"Jazz highly values its partnership with Swixx, in particular the team’s dedication, passion and drive for results, combined with their local expertise and entrepreneurial thinking. Swixx and Jazz share the same values when it comes to improving patients’ lives."

Duncan Ferguson, Head of Partner Markets, International & Partner Markets, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

All testimonials have been authorized by individuals and Partners.

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