Swixx BioPharma is designed to fully replace biopharma, OTC and medical device multinationals’ subsidiaries or business units in those countries, or therapeutic areas of CEE, that the multinational chooses not to enter, or to exit. With 550+ employees and sales likely to top 220 million Euros in 2020, Swixx BioPharma is already the largest agent for ethical pharmaceuticals serving research-based biopharma in CEE. The company is staffed by a unique group of access-savvy managers and medical professionals who are dedicated to bring modern medicines to the people of CEE region. We are a service-oriented, high quality and ethically-driven company. Swixx BioPharma began operations in December 2014 and is registered in Baar, Switzerland. The company has 100%-owned affiliates in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Both Swixx BioPharma senior management and owners come from a heritage of unique success in specialty pharmaceuticals in the CEE region. Swixx BioPharma enjoys strong financial connections with banks, hedge funds and private equity – should the need or opportunity arise, we have unsurpassed ability to raise capital quickly and efficiently. In its six year history, Swixx has become both CEE’s largest and fastest-growing independent agent for BioPharma.
Registered in Baar, Switzerland, Swixx BioPharma SA commenced operations in late 2014. The company originally served research-based biopharma in the countries of the West Balkans and the Baltic states, but subsequently expanded beginning in 2017 to cover the larger countries of CEE (Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia). The company entered Russia in October, 2019 when it took over Alexion’s Russian operations, and later, in Spring 2020 the company also purchased a well-established Russian specialty distributor / agent of good reputation. Swixx is now looking further afield; an affiliate in Greece is being opened and expansion beyond Russia, into other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union is being contemplated. Swixx BioPharma’s management are a proven, high-calibre team. Prior to building Swixx BioPharma into a CEE juggernaut, Swixx’s founders and many members of its senior team had created and built- up PharmaSwiss SA, which at the time it was sold (to Bausch Health Companies in 2011) was the largest (205M Euros in sales, 850 employees) and best-regarded agents operating across CEE.
Swixx BioPharma is focused on the CEE region Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Greece Hungary Kosovo Latvia Lithuania Montenegro North Macedonia Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia This region comprise 275 million people and a pharmaceutical market of 50+ billion Euros. Their economies currently are amongst the least developed in Europe, but they show considerable promise and boast well-educated and cultured people. Many western healthcare companies chose not to enter these markets, but nonetheless wish to have their products present and represented by a professional, compliant and competent regional partner. Swixx BioPharma aims to fill this need and to bring modern medicines to the people of the region.
VISION for Medical Community & Patients To resolve unmet medical needs in a cost effective, ethical manner Always to align with EBM and best practice (patient focus) To provide expertise, knowledge and rapid execution for Industry Partners To bring their innovative products to CEE, leveraging a patient-centric approach To get novel products registered, launched and reimbursed at maximum permitted price Provide security to our partners through robust systems in compliance, quality, pricing, medical risk-management programs, and to adhere to strict territorial limitations. for Investors To build a global specialty pharma company with over €500m in sales within 7 years MISSION Swixx BioPharma is designed to fully replace multinationals‘ subsidiaries in countries that the multinational companies choose not to enter, or choose to exit. We are an unavoidable partner in CEE Portfolio and pipeline of our clients are our first and only priority and focus Functional expertise and focus are designed to mirror our client‘s needs We have one raison d‘etre: service to our senior Multinational Corporate Organization partners Our DNA is dominated by a highly specialialized medicines, as well as a compliance-driven mentality Rare disease focus exemplified by the creation of rare disease business unit in late 2018
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